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Vanilla Foot Peel Mask
Vanilla Foot Peel Mask
Vanilla Foot Peel Mask
Vanilla Foot Peel Mask
Vanilla Foot Peel Mask
Vanilla Foot Peel Mask

Vanilla Foot Peel Mask

'' My feet are so soft now ! I have recommended this to my friends''

by Christi

Rough feet remedy

Your feet deserve love & attention. Cracks, Calluses & Dryness of feet is not a hopeless case. And this right here, is the perfect solution. It's about time to give your feet some attention. 

Ingredients were picked carefully & only chose the best & beneficial to create a powerful & effective peel mask that takes your feet back to feeling like baby skin. This is the miracle you have been waiting for. Let it peel to reveal amazing results!


    28 reviews

    Achieve Baby Soft Feet in a week or two!


    Why spend a ton of money and time on expensive procedures when you can take care of your feet at the comfort of your home? This foot peel mask is created with the finest natural ingredients that ends your problems with dead skin, cracked heels and callouses.


    Rich source of anti-oxidants

    Vanilla is a good source of B-Vitamins like niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid which are essential in maintaining healthy skin. It also has antioxidants that protects the skin & helps repair damage. Vanilla partnered with other high quality & effective ingredients will surely bring your feet back to it's lovely state.

    Put your best foot forward and let it thank you later

    your always on-the-go life style took a toll on your feet . they deserve a lot love too! foot peel mask have a lot of love to give.

    Think of it as your cozy pair of socks infused with papaya & lavender extract

    Jump in the foot peel mask booties to kick start your journey to baby soft feet. You'll know your getting the maximum result when it starts peeling like crazy after a week or two!

    This product was made considering our furry friends as well.

    We at Dermora believes that there is no need to hurt animals to create powerful products. High quality & safe ingredients already does the trick.

    100% No-risk money back guarantee

    28 reviews

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    Jayhawk i.
    United States
    READ FOR TIPS on how to maximize results!

    These are my personal tips for maximum results. If you are like me and have tried these with moderate to almost no effect but keep trying because nothing else works either, please read on.I have tried several types of these peeling masks starting with the original baby foot peel. I have had varying results from the worst which was a foot rash/chemical burn and only a dusty surface peel to moderate: fairly good peel but left ALL the really thick skin!! The really thick skin on my heels is why I’m even doing this. So I learned some tricks along the way and this time with this brand I am happy to say, I think I got the right recipe!First of all- If you have crazy insane thick calluses heels, this is not quick. If the peeling starts in the first couple days, it has likely not penetrated those thick layers yet. So make sure you have a solid 2 weeks where you can wear socks and don’t do this if you think you are going to be in strappy sandals by the weekend.1: Soak your feet in warm soapy water for at least 30 min before using the booties. An hour is even better. Rinse and towel dry.2. The top of your foot and ankle are not likely to need deep exfoliation. To protect from accidental chemical burn on the more sensitive skin, put a layer of vaseline on the tops of your feet and ankles where the solution may make contact. Of course, keep the rest of your foot, where you want deeper exfoliation, dry.3. slip on the cold gooey booties and secure. Do this in the bathroom - it’s messy no matter what. I put on a pair of socks over these and then another pair of socks. I can wear my slippers and move around this way. Or just settle in for a movie!3. I left these on 2 1/2 hours! Now this was an accident. Something happened at my home and I had to deal with it so the booties stayed on. I had planned on an hour to hour and half so... I worried I overdid it but the vaseline really did protect where I needed it to.3. remove booties and gently wash feet. Again with soap water and rinse.4. No lotion and place cozy sock on your fresh feet.5. Now the waiting starts. I soak my feet daily in warm water with baking soda which really softens the layers of skin.6. I did not even get a hint of a peel until DAY 6! i could feel the tightening on DAY 5.7. Day 7! After my soak, the skin layers started to lift and crack a little - it was amazing how this super thick skin was lifting in one big piece.8. DO NOT PULL! This is critical - do not pull because the skin has to lift on its own to get to the dead layers. If you pull, the exfoliation does not complete. Those really thick spots will be left and it’s a mess. Trust Me.9. Keep soaking daily with baking soda. The skin will start rapidly turning into a completely lifted flap that will slide off. You will be able to see the loosening of the callused sections days before the separation is complete. LET THIS WORK ON ITS OWN.By Day 14 this should be complete or at least almost complete.I cannot stress enough DO NOT PULL. Soak, pat dry, protect with socks and wait.Hope this works for you!!PS: No pictures bc I just cannot force myself to photograph this disgusting but fascinating process. If you are patient though, you will see the results that got you to buy this in the first place,Cheers!

    United States
    Did a great job

    This did exactly what it was supposed to do. You definitely want to use it when you don’t plan on wearing sandals for a couple of weeks, because your feet will look pretty bad while they are peeling, but then you’re left with baby smooth skin.

    United States
    Awesome foot mask

    I didn’t believe it at first when I bought the mask but once I try it it took me like 5 days and I started to see the dry skin coming out! I love it!

    United States

    This product really works!!! I have a happy feet now??

    United States
    Fast results if you follow instructions

    This foot mask has worked so far for me. If you follow the recommended instructions and SOAK your feet before people. I kept the masks on my feet for about an hour. Soaked about 20-30 min each day since. I’m on day 4 and my foot has begun pealing. Love it. Glad i got a 2 pack!

    Iyanla M.
    United States
    Not for very sensitive skin

    They were overall good except they burnt my skin on-top of my foot. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars

    United States
    Great product!!

    My friend and I tried this together and we both loved it! This product worked just as it said it would, and my feet felt amazing. The seller also has amazing customer service!

    United States
    Wonderful foot peel

    Easy to use. Feet started peeling within a couple of days after using it.

    United States
    Easy to use and affordable

    I’ve used this foot peel couple times already and I love it .

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